The Longest Four Minutes of My Life

February 1, 2015 @ 07:00 am by Jacqui Lewis

Right after the Rodney King violence in LA, I was in graduate school and had cut my hair in a short afro to make it easy to care for. I lived on the Jersey Shore and almost every day driving to Princeton, a police car—at least one—would follow me, ease up on me, check my plates, and sometimes pull me over, the shock registering on their face when I was a woman.

Oh, how we need a movement for racial justice. And we now stand on the shoulders of Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Diane Nash and so many more. I am a child of the Civil Rights Movement; we have done this before. There are Selma moments all over the nation. People working together to cross the Bridge to racial reconciliation. We will not rest until Congress helps put an end to racial profiling, until there is a Congressional hearing on the criminalization of communities of color, and until we demilitarize the police.

On Wednesday, January 21, an interreligious bunch of us got on a bus to DC at 5:30 am to assert how much Black lives matter, Black women’s lives matter, and all lives are sacred. Here is Jonathan Lucas’s testimony about our experience. —Jacqui Lewis

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