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July 26, 2011 @ 11:24 am by Jacqui Lewis

by Jacqui Lewis

Before I heard our intern, Arin Fisher's amazing sermon on Sunday at church, I was at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau as couples were lining barricades on the first day same-sex couples could legally wed in New York State. It was absolutely amazing, moving, fabulous, and so, so powerful! People were dressed in their tuxedos, bright white shirts, wedding gowns and sporting large smiles and big hopes. Hundreds of couples and their friends beamed. I posted some of their photos on my Facebook page. There was applause from those in line when the first lesbian couple got married. There was community and camaraderie; it was kind of like Middle Church!

I was also moved by the portraits of the New York Times and watching the stories of couples in the NYT Video, "I Now Pronounce You..." made me cry the next day. The footage illustrated the love and commitment of these couples who for so long were denied rights. What's so powerful about these stories is that they focus on the personal narratives that have driven our hope for this day for so long. I was surprised and humbled to see that the Times also included words I said about our Christian faith, "God is love, and wherever love is, God is."

Brothers and sisters, thank you for being God's love to one another. We have witnessed with horror this week what can happen when God's love drops out of the Christian equation. As we pray for the families of those who were murdered in Norway, I can't help but send you and God great thanksgiving that we are a community where people can experience God's fierce love in and outside of our doors. Change doesn't come quickly, but it does come. And each of you as you love are leading the way to creating more of the world we hope for.

I know many of you have worked so hard for this civil right. And you have hopes of how our world will continue to change. On Sunday, during our morning worship celebration, we will honor this amazing change as we marry Kele & Renee and Alex & Jeremy. You won't want to miss the celebration, and I won't want to miss you this Sunday, as I prepare to go on vacation in August. As summer moves over us like a warm blanket, I hope you can still your life and experience the joy and gratitude of what has been accomplished.

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