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February 14, 2010 @ 11:44 am by Jacqui Lewis

Hello Progressive Leaders.

If you do not get Religion Dispatches, you should sign up for it. See this piece by Jean Carstensen and the report on how much silence there is from progressive clergy when it comes to human sexuality. What we do not say from the pulpit speaks volumes. We need to say that economic justice, gender justice and sexual orientation justice are braided tightly together with racial justice. We need to say that when abortion rights are restricted young women and poor women are most affected. We need to say out loud and Believe Out Loud that women and LGBTI persons should be afforded full rights and inclusion in faith communities, and that includes the right to be ordained. We need to say that LGBTI persons should have the right to marry and raise families. It is not enough to believe it; we need to believe it and proclaim it. Our people need to have theological discourse from and with clergy they trust about human sexuality.

Sunday ends National Marriage Week. Let's make Sunday the beginning of a movement: Believe Out Loud that human sexuality is a gift from God and that there is a full spectrum of sexual orientations that express that gift. Let's preach and teach that from our pulpits and break the silence.

Toward the peaceable reign of God.



There is just too much to disagree with here to be able to be succinct, so, I'll limit myself to say firstly, that the Carstensen piece is full of classic "progressive" lies and distortions, and secondly while the statement "when abortion rights are restricted young women and poor women are most affected" is certainly true, it just as certainly does not make abortion right. There is no causality between young and poor women being most affected, and whether or not abortion is right. In an earlier blog, you agreed that abortion should not be used as a means of birth control. The facts are, if you factor out the small percentage of abortions that are performed based on medical decision making, not "choice," ninety nine percent of the other abortions are conducted for the purpose of birth control.

Donald Green on February 17, 2010

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