Care About All God's Creatures

May 2, 2011 @ 10:47 am by Jacqui Lewis

by Jacqui Lewis

The Middle Project Conference is in full swing. We had a great day with Ivan Petrella on Saturday helping us to think about economic justice from a global perspective and from the perspective of Liberation Theology. Gary Dorrien and Jim Forbes will started us off on Sunday with amazing wisdom and excellent preaching. Our own Tricia Sheffield and Chad Tanaka Pack ended our day with talks on spirituality and money and a culture of consumerism.

I have been busy with Easter and getting ready for this event, but I have not heard or seen as much about Japan in the news as I would have thought. There is so much heartache in the world. The recent storms in the south make me think about climate change and global warming. We have simply got to care about our Mother Earth, our brothers and sisters and God's creatures. Go to MSNBC to see how to help care for the storm victims here and donate to Japan here.

Here are words from our sister Saho, an artist in Japan.

Dear Middle,

I can not stand thinking about the pain those animals which did not do anything bad to humans. There are 360 cattle farms within a circle of 40Km around the nuclear power plants. 63,000 hens,1,000 horses, (don't remember their nunbers) cows, pigs and so have starved to death in these 50 days after that explosion. There were their owners who sneaked in and fed them, but most of them did it against the government's command. All the roads, wide or narrow, to those farms have been closed.

I do not have any means to save them. I will do my best to save dogs and cats around me, which have been mistreated. That is the only thing I am capable of doing. We are wondering what has happened to the 100,000,000 yen donated and why those victims are not receiving it. Victims need cars right at this moment to visit those places where the unknown dead have been gathered to check if their family members had been taken there, and to get jobs they have to drive to companies. They need cash. One of my students said most of it may be used by the government for the cleaning up of towns.

I hope the good friends of Middle will read what I have written.

Love, Saho

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