Checking In From South Africa

March 10, 2010 @ 10:52 am by Jacqui Lewis

Our conversations in South Africa these last days have been blessed by candor and vulnerability. The folk we met from the Uniting Reformed Church (Black and Colored) and the Dutch Reformed Church (White) are thrilled that the US is working on the Belhar Confession. They see signs of hope for reconciliation, but are sure this racial work will not happen in their lifetimes. The Church everywhere has so much work to do. We met a man who left the Dutch Reformed Church due to its slow speed at this work. When I preach against racism, it is my passion for a world free of racism that is on the table.

I am grateful for colleagues who share this passion with me. Hug Trish when you see her because we promoted her to Associate Minister. Along with administration, she will help with our social ministries like Celebrate Life/Momentum Project and the Clothing Closet.

We are off tomorrow to see some of this country, to let the words we have heard settle into our hearts.


Hi Jackie, I am glad that you are making progress in South Africa. I always felt that it was the Church's responsibility to implement a blueprint of sorts that would somehow propell a national and worldwide change of conciousness in regard to race relations. I find myself tired mentally and spiritually at times because of the lack of equality for all God's children. I have often found myself asking God "Why is it that people with pigmentation seem to have a harder time in life". I at this time do not know what my contribution will be toward's this cause, but I am sure that there will be something that I will do to help. I also know that whatever actions are spearheaded towards a new loving world, will continue after my demise. I have faith in the new generation but more important I have faith in an unchanged God. Make your mark, come home safe and if it is not to much for me to ask: COULD YOU BRING ME A ROCK ANS SOME SAND BACK FROM THE MOTHERLAND. love and peace :)

neecywatson on March 11, 2010

Neecy so glad to see from you. Just back. The atrocities that have been committed against people due to skintone, faceshape, religion, creed and sexual orientation make me know how much we need God's love. We went to one of the slave castles in Ghana and it is such a shame to think that people with pigmentation were held in dungeons, with no light, limited air and little food and shipped across the ocean to work for no pay. We have not yet overcome the way that racialized ethnic troubles wound the world. In Ghana, the color issue is not the problem, but ethnic and tribal and class challenges exist there. So, we need to pray. And Middle does have some things to teach and share. Your part? Keep being you and being faithful to our vision is a place to start. Best, Jacqui

Jacqui Lewis on March 26, 2010

dearest Jackie and John, I am not sure if you are on your way home but have been thinking of you on this trip as I have been exploring ways to take the inclusive message of Middle out into the field. I have this vision of Middle's messages of love and celebration of all people reaching into the far corners of the world through peace workshops. There is so much healing still needed in the world and with the right tools, it's amazing how easily doors open. Would love to chat with you more about this as what Middle teaches can have far-reaching impact for generations to come. Can you just see it? Much love to you both, Janice

JaniceW on April 1, 2010

Janice,we are back and I am up early on Saturday (or late on Friday??) thinking about Holy Week and all that God has done in our lives. Yes, Middle's message of radical love and hospitality needs to get wider distribution. So much healing needed...our friends in South Africa were happy to chat about the ways worship and music can make for peace. We do need some new technologies so we can share our education programs and our worship around the globe. We wish you would come home to help....all our love at Easter Jacqui (and John)

Jacqui Lewis on April 3, 2010

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