March 5, 2010 @ 11:42 am by Jacqui Lewis

I was talking about teeth the last time we chatted in worship. When I preached Sunday, I was in pain. On Monday morning, my secondary expert dentist took five minutes to numb me and then another hour to do the work. There are some pains not easily numbed, but once we get together to work on stuff, once we learn each other, once we get it, it can go really well. We have to, like my Vietnamese dentist and I, learn how to work together, how to communicate, how to work it out. Some of us have, like he had for me, the clues to the other's healing. Some of us have a word on target. Some of us will tell stories that lead to transformation. Some of us will be great listeners and then replay a certain wisdom that will change the world.

I am here, with my heart burning and my brain churning with wisdom and candid sharing and confession from South Africans working on reconciliation. I have more to tell you, and I will. For now, God is in the business of making all things, and all of us new.

Those of us on both sides of the world need this newness. I love you...

and my tooth does not hurt. Maybe there are other healings to follow.

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