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May 23, 2012 @ 04:14 pm by Jacqui Lewis

Last week, just before preaching a sermon in Atlanta, I heard about this congregation in Minneapolis whose members stopped coming when their pastor voted to affirm marriage equality. The Sunday after the vote in 2005 (I fact checked) The Grace Community United Church of Christ lost 25% of its mostly African American members; now they are down to 45 or 50. Rev. White simply decided to believe out loud and vote with his denomination to fully include the LGBTI communities in the sacred and human right of marriage.

Living our faith in public can cost us friends, comfort, votes. AND it also is exactly what is needed to bring about God's Reign. I believe the universe responds with tears of joy when we do the right thing. We can change things; there can be miracles when we believe.

There is a large church in Dallas called Cathedral of Hope UCC. They rescued this little church by raising $15,000 in one Sunday. Two leaders delivered the love in person.

Sadly Grace Community Church still needs our help. That gift will only last until June. Another $200,000 has to be raised right now or they will have to close their doors.

The consistory, staff and I are sending $1.00 for each of our members--799, to the struggling St.Paul congregation. We are doing that right now because it is urgent and they need our love for standing up. You can give a dollar in the offering bag this Sunday along with your own giving to Middle's justice works. You can also send more to support them through Believe Out Loud.

I want to thank you for all of the ways you believe out loud and are generous for justice.


The congregation does not exist because of the church. The church exists because of the congregation. If the congregation dissipates, then the church no longer exists. The pastor can believe "out loud" whatever he wishes; however, when these "out loud" beliefs are outside of the purview of spirituality/religion, and are contrary to the beliefs of the congregation, then one should not be surprised that they vote with their feet, and seek spiritual enlightenment elsewhere.

Donald Green on June 4, 2012

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