Help Our Haitian Neighbors

January 16, 2010 @ 04:06 pm by Jacqui Lewis

40 seconds. 7.0 Magnitude. More than 50,000 dead. Too many to count. A cloud of dust and debris. Brown bodies covered with soot and dust; with blood sweat and tears. 3 million people will require aid for up to a full year. Mansions and shanties, churches and hospitals--they all fall down. And Pat Robertson thinks the Haitians brought this on themselves.

These are the snapshots of the disaster in Haiti; pictures too horrible to even process.

Where do we see ourselves in that picture? Who is our neighbor?

This Sunday at Middle Church, we will celebrate the life and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr. We will sing, and pray, and dance, and hope and talk about what it means to be a neighbor in these days and times. And we will collect a special offering for our neighbors in Haiti. Please come and be with us for worship at 11:15 followed by our SoulFood Brunch and then a workshop and panel of The State of Race in the Union featuring John Janka, Dean Hubbard, Granville Leo Stevens, Bruni Pabon, Kendall Thomas, yours truly and you in conversation.

If you can't be with us, join us in helping by sending a check to Middle Collegiate Churchwith "Haiti Relief" in the memo, donating through Reformed Church World Service, or take a moment to look at Charity Navigator's guide.

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