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January 27, 2010 @ 09:39 am by Jacqui Lewis

Hi everyone. I am not sure where you stand on abortion; this is a very complicated issue, and even those of us who are progressive leaders vary in our opinions. I am a leader and I am a woman who has never had to make that choice. I am also solidly and unwaveringly for women having that choice to make. I have been an advisor to the Religious Coaltion for Reproductive Choice for over seven years since I lived and worked in Washington, DC. Check this link out from the Director, Rev. Carlton W. Veazy and then do what you think is the right thing to do. I am writing CBS today.



At least you make mention of what it is, "abortion." Most abortion advocates avoid the term, and use euphemisms to downplay the hideousness of the act. "Choice," "Reproductive Rights," "Family Planning." Call it what you want, but it doesn't change that it is the destruction of the most innocent of human lives. The fact that they have to make up pleasant sounding euphemisms to cover abortion in itself indicates that those who are pro-abortion know it is wrong, otherwise, why wouldn't they just call it abortion? It is vile, abhorrent, and tantamount to killing babies. Anyone wanting an abortion should first be required to witness one. In addition, abortion is racist. It amounts to a holocaust for the African American community. The overwhelming majority of aborted fetuses are African American. Why isn't the leadership out there screaming? Slavery didn't do as much damage to the African American community as has abortion. It is incredulous that a leader of christian faith would take a position in support of "choice." Ms. Lewis, do you think Jesus was pro-abortion? The time for choice was before "hooking up."

Donald Green on February 1, 2010

I am so grateful to see this comment; I value theological discussion and am always glad to celebrate diversity of perspective. I agree that one very important time for choice is before a couple makes love. They should take care to know that the act of passion can lead to the joy of a wanted pregnancy or the inconvenience of one that is not timely. And, to be clear, I do not think abortion should be used as birth control; there are amazing products on the market for that. What I think is important, however, about a woman's right to choose is that all pregnancies are not equal. Some pregnancies are the result of acts of violence. Some pregnancies threaten violence upon a mother's body. Some pregnancies may result in a life that, while precious, may be tragic due to congenital illness or disability. A woman should, in consultation with loving others, in an attitude of prayer, if she has a faith life, and in the wise counsel of a clergy or therapist, have the right to make the difficult choice. It is not one I have had to ponder or pray about. There are many faith leaders who share my perspective and many who do not. I always think about Jesus coming upon the crowd who was ready to stone the woman caught in adultery. He challenged the one without sin to throw the first stone and they all walked away. I can't say if Jesus would be pro-abortion, but I believe Jesus is on the side of mercy and compassion; forgiveness and grace. I can't imagine the woman who would have an abortion absolutely free of a conflicted spirit--that woman has the right to choose and deserves our compassion.

Jacqui Lewis on February 4, 2010

I find it highly hypocritical to say that you are for choice, but "do not think abortion should be used as birth control", when in fact, ninety nine percent, yes, ninety nine percent of abortions are used exactly for that reason, and that reason alone.

Donald Green on February 9, 2010

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