Uniting as Friends

August 5, 2010 @ 03:16 pm by Jacqui Lewis

I am in Florida, trying to get off the grid, so to speak. I keep sending little notes to Trish and Chad, some of my staff, and even to a few of you. I got a lot of things finished before I left–worship planning, program development, meetings, and care issues. But, I did not get to talk to some of you or write to some of you, ‘How are you doing?’ I have been wondering.

So, this is a note to everyone, before I go into radio silence. If you have been absent, we miss you; come on home! If you have been feeling poorly, I am praying for you, even now. If you are sad or confused or hurt, I pray God’s grace will feel more than sufficient to heal you and comfort you. And, if for you, this is a great day that God has made, then I rejoice with in this day.

And if for you, the news is painful, like it is for me, then I pray that you put into God’s hands this world–created full of folk with free will, which means confusion and conflict on a bad day, and love and compassion on a good one.

I am thrilled about Proposition 8 being overturned and pray for good sense for everyone who wonders if LGBTI persons ought to be able to marry. “Of course!” is my answer and so I say Amen for the change!

I am angry at the crazy conversations about immigration in Arizona and the possibility that our constitution might be bastardized by immigrants to keep out other immigrants. I am sad at all the controversy about Cordoba House. To be sure, the tragedy on September 11, 2001 was a national horror. We lost innocent lives and our own innocence. The planes-turned-to-bombs happened on our land, in our space, and we will never be the same. We are hyper-conscious now of ourselves as a nation in a global community and that some people hate us! We who believe in freedom need to keep our minds and hearts open to the other, lest we become an enemy to our own souls. Space for a community center in which there is a house of prayer may be just the kind of ‘balm in Gilead,’ which we need. The center may also help to demystify Muslim culture and religion, and aid in uniting us all as friends. When we learn about each other, and see each other for who we are, we are less likely to maim, wound, bomb and annihilate each other.

So we share our stories, we learn about folk, we read their Holy texts, and we read our own. We find out that the One God is the God of everyone. God is on the side of justice and mercy and peace and reconciliation. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little prayer, is my belief. And the place of prayer should not matter. We have all come “over a way that with tears has been watered…” walking a path “through the blood of the slaughtered”. May hope and prayer heal our world.

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