Out, damn spot

November 9, 2009 @ 04:32 pm by Jacqui Lewis

I think we need a coming out moment; a national day in celebration of coming out of the closet on race! It would be so great to get some of the racism out of the closet and on the table. Let’s talk about it, fight about it, try to navigate our way through it.

Race matters, still, and in these United States, class and race run so closely together that underneath the poverty, underneath poor housing, underneath shoddy schools, underneath lack of health care is the racial schism on which our nation was built.

It seems to me that there is such virulent hatred underneath the criticism of President Obama. There is such shameful blatant bad-behavior—signifying, mocking, hurling insults, hissing and booing, shouting out of turn. No white president, no matter how stupid, would be assailed in this way. How do we know?

Well…history is a great predictor of the future, that’s all I am saying. If the shoe got thrown, wear it (is that OK to say?)

And here it is. I am still hopeful that this administration will pull this nation together in a way that no other before could. I hope not only in our president but in those around him.

One year ago, history was made. It is history in the making. No matter your party, or your political persuasion, I wonder: What are we going to do? What is our part in this reparation?

I am not sure that we always feel as though what we do matters, but it does. We have the ability to make a difference, in our prayers, in our sharing information, in our speaking and writing and texting and blogging and twittering. YOU can make a difference by what you do and how you are in the world. Err on the side of patience and peacefulness; give the other the benefit of the doubt. Send positive energy out and expect it back. Read and know, rather than suspect and speculate. When a petition comes by, when there is an opportunity to show up with your feet and hands, sign it; go there!

Love is a verb that can change the world.

President Obama can’t do it by himself, but we can do it with him.

Yes, we can.


Thank you, Lex, I needed to hear this. I'm ptrtey young and hoping to step out there and search for a job as a worship leader. I'm reading your book, and interning at an awesome church right now. My husband and I just have absolutely no idea where to go next in the country or with what jobs. Thanks for all your wisdom about leading and trusting God both in your book and here on the blog. Glad to hear you stuck with it, trusted God, and were provided for! God Bless!Brittany

Nicole on March 4, 2012

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