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May 12, 2011 @ 04:45 pm by Jacqui Lewis

Dear Friends,

The children in our congregation have been rehearsing a play with some theater students at New York University called Creation Stories. It was written by the students to help our children think about how different cultures have different stories and theologies about creation. You can see it on Sunday May 22 after worship at 2PM. I am excited that we are teaching our children early that people see and understand God’s work and God’s purposes through different lenses. Our God talk informs our views on human sexuality.

And so it is that after decades of struggle around God talk on homosexuality the Presbyterian Church (USA) has voted to ban language condemning LGBTI persons from the Book of Order, which contains confessions of theology and church law. As a Presbyterian clergy, I am amazed and thrilled that my denomination has moved to include my theology–God has created us all, I believe, just exactly as we are and we are awesomely and wonderfully made. So, Amen! And in my celebration I am praying for those who feel somehow that we have turned away from God’s plan. Theology and God talk reflect deeply held convictions, some so deep that congregations will split from the PCUSA in protest of this decision. That will be painful for families and long-held relationships. I am also praying for a team of Collegiate people working on a conversation with our denomination, the Reformed Church in America, about how the Collegiate Church differs so radically from the RCA on full LGBTI-inclusion. We are there, the RCA is not. Kevin Scott Hall is our representative from Middle Church.

Closer to home, our Pride Planning team voted to use a cross in their logo this year. Outstanding!! We are unashamedly Christian, unabashedly clear that there are many paths to God AND we will march down Fifth Avenue representing the Spirit of Middle: Pride. Power. Praise. I love the re-appropriation of a symbol that has meant rejection by the Church to so many.

Back out in the world, last Sunday we screened a Believe Out Loud promotion (see the ad here) created by our sister, Intersections International. Lovely piece. Sojourners refused to run an ad for Believe Out Loud. I was only a little surprised and there has been a firestorm. This conversation and controversy poses the question: What is progressive God talk and activism?

Can Sojourners or any of us be for economic justice, be against racism, and not be for LGBTI equality?

What do you think? Let me hear from you.


The Believe Out Loud ad:

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