Restor(y)ing My Soul

July 2, 2012 @ 05:00 pm by Jacqui Lewis

Dear Middle Church family,

I was awarded a grant from the Louisville Institute for a three-month sabbatical I proposed titled “Restor(y)ing My Soul,” a journey in which I would trace my theological roots. I proposed to interview my relatives, including my Great Uncle Ed, who is the last surviving sibling of my maternal grandmother’s generation. Uncle Ed is a Baptist preacher, and will turn 90 this July. His sister, my Ma’ Dear was the “knee baby” (second youngest), and he is the youngest of 13 siblings. He has some stories to tell and I can’t wait to hear them. I also proposed to go to Greece and Italy and do some of Paul’s missionary journey. Since I was awarded the grant, I received an invitation to be in a study group at the Hartmann Institute in Jerusalem, so I will travel to the places where Jesus did his ministry as well. Oh how wonderful!

Here is the itinerary: July 1 was my last day at work. First, my husband John and I will travel to New Orleans, where I will speak at the Essence Music Festival, then to Chicago to be with my family at Mom’s family reunion. We will return to New York and leave the same day for Israel, and stay there for 10 days. From there, we travel to Athens and Rome. I will be thinking about theology from the spaces where the early church took root – I am thrilled about that! Since we are so close, we will visit Paris as well. Then we will be home – resting, writing a book, working out, enjoying some down time and real Sabbath. I will be back at Middle Church on October 1.

I am expecting to return rested, refreshed, restored, and restor(i)ed. I leave you with prayers for a blessed summer, and for you to also find some Sabbath time. I also leave you with hope – that whatever your heart is yearning for, whatever are the prayers you are praying, they are answered and that you have peace.


Jacqui will be sharing "Postcards" from her sabbatical on her Facebook page.


Wow! How amazing! Wishing you a safe and revealing journey. Can't wait to read your findings. Peace.

Nikia on July 3, 2012

Congrats! Travel safe, looking forward to your writings.

Aaron on July 8, 2012

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