The Living is Easy

July 16, 2010 @ 07:59 am by Jacqui Lewis

Hey friends, it is summer time and the living is easy for some of us. Listening to NPR this morning, we must keep our eyes and ears open to news about the gushing oil in our waters in the Gulf Coast. Our teens are heading down there on August 1st to work on the rebuild (the still much-needed rebuild). This is another thing that should not drop off our radar. The Big Easy needs our thoughts and prayers and our help. Log onto whatever help site with which you feel comfortable and stay connected with your funds, too! Keep in touch with what Middle Church is doing by checking out our website while the youth are in New Orleans.

I think of the Big Easy and I think of jazz. Last Sunday at Middle Church there was a lovely three-piece suite of jazz improvisers, led by Louie Belogenis. The music was breathy, cool and smooth, and the silences were full of Spirit. I did a homily on love that ended in a hymn called “My Funny Valentine”. Inspired by the band, I tried bending notes like God bends all the way down to love us just like we are. My colleague Chad – preacher/artist/accountant(!) – was there, nodding his head and praying with his eyes open.

The Breath that is all around, the Breath that loves us more deeply than we can ask or imagine gave him this poem, and I share it with you along with my hope for easy days, and the easing of suffering everywhere.

Take it easy and make it easy for others.


Were I Jazz

Were I jazz

Cymbals sizzling
Summer sunset

Raspy whispered sax

Twinkling piano plinking
Evening starlight

Were I jazz


Carry me

Crunchy sour pickles

Our song
A playful prayer

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