Turn it Around

February 22, 2011 @ 03:32 pm by Jacqui Lewis

I am with my family today, staying up way too late talking to my siblings, listening to stories shared by my mom and dad. These past two days we have laughed and cried; cooked and eaten great food; washed dishes and shared stories; and we had a family meeting about the things we need to do to stay close. And, we were entertained. No kidding, we can watch my nephew RJ dance, imitating Michael Jackson and Usher, for hours! He is two years old, and his ability to mimic is stunning. You say, “Wow!” and he says, “Wow!” He spins like Michael Jackson and has Usher’s halftime show down cold.

How young we are when we imitate others, mimic others. How very young we are when we learn to do the thing people affirm; how very, very young we are when we get it that the thing that delights people and makes them clap is a good thing to do.

I would like us to each think that people are watching us. We are the salt of the earth. We are the light of the world. We need to imagine that we are a lantern on a hill and that people are gazing upon us to see what God is all about. I don’t want us to be self conscious but I want us to be other conscious, and to take seriously that we are leaders in a movement for change. What is that change? We are working to transform our culture into the Reign of God.

So, look at the person in the mirror, and know that each day we start a revolution. RJ likes to say, “spin! Turn around.” This is good advice. Let’s turn this thing around.

I know you want to tell me things are getting better all the time. Yes, you are right. Yet, last week a 15-year old kid in Houston was kicked and beaten by police while others watched. We still have some things to turn around.

We have work to do. A two year old watches television and mimics the dance. Someone is watching you and will imitate your activism, your kindness, the way you are faithful to your values and the way you choose to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with your God.

Come on, turn it around; we can do this together. Do something, one thing, every day, to make it a little better.

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