We Are All One

March 18, 2010 @ 09:18 am by Jacqui Lewis

As we enter the third week of our travel, and prepare to leave for Ghana, I am thinking of all I have learned. I am thinking of talks with Dutch Reformed Church and Uniting Reformed Church clergy, and their candor about their struggle to unite. One pastor, Johanne, said, "We must learn to live the reality that already is: we are all one in Christ. That is the truth. Now we must live it." As I looked upon the faces of children in Africa, as I processed learnings with John and Anne and Peter, and I think about coming home, I think this is the truth. We are all one. We must learn to live as though it is true. We must learn to live as though when one of us is cut, the other one bleeds. When one of us is hungry, the other has a stomach ache. When one is lost, neither can we see. This is what God wants from us, I believe, one human family.

We fly tomorrow to Ghana, we will see Pat at BASICS and we will see the slave castles and I will preach on Sunday about unity.

This is my passion, and I know it is also yours.

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