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September 28, 2010 @ 10:37 am by Jacqui Lewis

Every now and then, in these past few weeks, I have been nostalgic about vacation. I’ve thought, wow, just four weeks ago, I was on the beach reading. Or, just ten days ago, I was walking in the park with John. I still hold the wonderful peace that was our sabbath in my heart (I think I even still have a tan!!) Mostly, though, these weeks back at Middle have been a great adventure of re-entry. Our staff is, quite frankly, jammin’ together. They are supporting each other, working as a team. I came back to their excitement about the new program year, and I am excited too. Our first worship celebrations together–our Interfaith worship, our worship on September 19 and our Homecoming Celebration Sunday was filled with great music, wonderful prayers, great art and, dare I say, meaningful sermons.

What was extraordinary about this past Sunday was the feeling of Home. A special art presentation focused on the road home to Middle – a journey we have all taken from many origins. Both choirs just rocked it! Many of us were back. And I think we were all feeling the sense that we had come home; home to a table that God has set for us; home to a place of shelter and safety – a place that, while not perfect, is a place where “mistake” is not the last word; home to a place beneath God’s wings; home to a place where we are free to rehearse new behaviors, to encourage the best in each other, to forgive the flaws and failings. A place called home in which we can find grace and peace and hold each other accountable for the self that God created to emerge and shine. Our choirs, the artists, the staff – all of us felt like we were participating in the beginning of a new thing: a bold new way to be the People of God.

I hope you had a summer full of adventure, healing, fun, meditation, exercise, making up, playing, and praying. I hope that if you had disappointments and setbacks, you had people to care for and about you. I hope that when things were amazing, you had some folk to say, “You GO!” I hope that you will make your way to Middle soon (and again) and get a warm hug during the passing of the peace and a great big dose of the Love of God. I hope you know that the Vision that God has given to us in our hearts needs you to make it happen, and that you will plug in to something; give a hand, mentor a kid, sing a song, teach a class, fold and stuff bulletins, pack and serve food, donate clothing, send a kid to New Orleans, write an article, support someone who needs help, advocate for justice – you get the picture.

Mostly, what I hope you know is that Middle is more Middle because you are here!


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Middle is indeed blessed to have so many great artists, especially musicians, singers, etc. Being endowed with 2 great choirs is a special treat.

Ira A. McCown on November 24, 2010

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