A Home Away from Home

March 6, 2018 @ 12:00 pm by Christina Fleming

Not long after relocating to New York City in the wake of the horrific Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011, Kaede Helck found herself 'broken', and in search of a home away from home. She came to Middle Church in August of that year after visiting a number of churches in the city. Listen to her story of what Middle Church means to Kaede, and the ways she gives back. 

"Middle has become my home away from home," Kaede says. "I am very grateful to know that my family here at Middle is on standby, ready to support when there is a need. Middle is always there. "

Like many, Kaede's story is one of connections, #RevolutionaryLove, and of giving back. Your financial gifts will ensure that Middle Church is always there, ready to help when there is need. Donate today

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