Looking Back

May 25, 2017 @ 09:35 am by Daniel Kessel

“My mom has been struggling with lung cancer for the last seven years and she passed away on April, 25.  On the way to Palm Sunday and Easter, on the way to our Revolutionary Love Conference, not only was I feeling a kind of a nondescript, diffuse grief about what is happening in the world but I was grieving the certainly, imminent death of my Mom. 
And I think it got me in touch with a real vulnerable place in myself. I felt like there was a power pouring into my heart. From what direction, I don’t know. Up? In? Out? But almost a palpable, direct power source that was giving me the space to grieve, permission to be unsure, and at the same time, certainty that God is God. 
And so I felt like in a way, Middle was overhearing a conversation I was having with God. And the conversations were as much for me as for anybody else.” 
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