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April 18, 2014

The Little Match Girl Passion

7:00pm - 8:00pm / Sanctuary

The Middle Church Choir will present David Lang’s The Little Match Girl Passion at the Good Friday worship celebration. Equally inspired by Bach’s St. Matthew Passion and Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Little Match Girl Passion won the Pulitzer Prize for Music in 2008. Lang’s work replaces the narrative of Jesus’ suffering in his final days with Andersen’s 1845 tale of a shoeless girl traipsing through snowdrifts while futilely trying to sell matches and scared to go home. David Lang, who was raised in a Reform Jewish household, has said that writing The Little Match Girl Passion helped him come to grips with the explicitly Christian bent of Western music that had its birthplace in the church. He expresses gratitude that The Little Match Girl Passion has already been sung many times in Christmas and Lenten services, and that its message seems to speak to many people.


Worship Leader: Jonathan Dudley
Scripture: Matthew 26:14-27:66

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