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November 5, 2017



9:30am - 10:45am / Sanctuary

Our worship is a celebration that encourages a more-than-Sunday-morning faith! Walk up our steps on Second Avenue and experience a warm, radical welcome from the greeters at the door and the folk in the pews. Our liturgy and worship will feel familiar in form, but you will be surprised by creative sermons that will provoke your mind and stir your soul. You will also be surprised by the extensive use of the arts in worship. Our music—gospel, spirituals, stunning choral singing and classical music, and everything from Bach to Broadway to the Beatles—will encourage your toes to tap and your heart to soar. Our historic sanctuary holds not only our incredible cultural and ethnic diversity, but dance, puppet theater, the dramatic and visual arts, and our diverse expressions of faith.

Same worship celebration as 11:45 AM.


Hope Beyond Hope

Preacher: Rob Stephens
Scripture: Hebrews 6.19-20, 12.1-2
Music: Middle Church Choir

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