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Youth Education: January 7, 2018


Family Room (Grades K-5) Sunday, January 7, 2018  /  8:30am  /  304-Studio Supervised childcare/family space available while parents/guardians participate in morning rehearsals or afternoon classes and meetings.

YOUTH in the Middle (Grades 6-12) Sunday, January 7, 2018  /  10:50am  /  401-Classroom Middle and high school students are invited to enjoy brunch together and talk about the Bible with Marte. Other youth events will be scheduled throughout the year; more info to come!

Family Room (Infant to Grade 5) Sunday, January 7, 2018  /  12:45pm  /  3rd Floor Nursery + Studio Supervised childcare available while parents and guardians participate in afternoon programs. *Please check for dates. Scheduled to support families interested in attending the #RevolutionaryLove Speaker Series. …

Village Chorus for Children and Youth Sunday, January 7, 2018  /  1:15pm  /  C27-Community Room The Village Chorus for Children and Youth explores a diverse repertoire from many cultures. Children learn the basic elements of vocal production, sing in various languages, and offer soul stirring music. Children perform several times throughout t…