An Easter Prayer

April 28, 2011

Holy Week at Middle ended with three Easter celebrations, the first at 7:00 AM. Led by laity with Chad Tanaka Pack preaching, it was a wonderful experience for all who came. Danita Branam's prayer captures the spirit and the Spirit.

Ever loving God we thank you for the blessings of your presence through those gathered this morning in our garden of diversity.
We thank you for their desire to share beginning anew.
As Mary, we seek your surprises in the warmth of the sun, the brilliance of flowers, the refreshment of rain, the exhilaration of stirring winds and the inspiration of word and song.
Dear Jesus, as you surprised Mary and changed her tears of sorrow to tears of rededication, guide us as we:
Reframe our goals to be your witness;
Redefine our actions to be the change we seek;
Rekindle relationships that have lost their spark;
Reignite our attraction to Your mystery;
Reassess our burdens in the context of those borne by others;
Represent your message of Love against the brokenness within our family, amongst our friends, in our neighborhood, throughout our workspace, and between groups of people in every way they identify as similar and separate.
Rejuvenate our ability to create phenomenal transformations in ourselves and with others.
Thank you for the financial gifts and the willing hearts offered this early morning.
Surprise us in how you use them all to bring your Reign to this Earth.

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