Calling All Artists!

August 28, 2014

Middle Church is celebrating our newly renovated church house with art. This October, we want to share our creative expressions of Welcome and Homecoming. All ages are welcome to submit ready to hang or ready to display art with the theme of Welcome and/or Homecoming no later than September 21st at 12 noon. Please submit no more than five (5) JPG images (totalling no more than 10MB) of your photography, painting, fabric art, sculpture, etc. Depending on the total number of submissions we receive, we will advise how many of your pieces we can accept. The exhibit lasts the month of October. All loaned art must be collected by November 2nd at 12 noon. Submit the information below with images of your art to We look forward to sharing your artistic vision of Welcome and/or Homecoming with the Middle Church and East Village communities.


  1. Name of artist.
  2. Contact information (including telephone and email).
  3. Brief description of your submission.
  4. Images of specific work(s) intended to be shown. Send no more than five (5) images. Acceptable format is a JPG submitted as an email attachment totalling no more than 10MB.
  5. Title of artwork(s).
  6. Price of artwork(s) if available for sale
  7. Dimension of artwork(s).
  8. Indicate any hanging or displaying instructions (an "up" arrow, for example), paying particular attention to any extraordinary considerations and logistics.
  9. Artist statement (attached as a document).
  10. Indicate if your artwork is a loan or a donation to Middle Collegiate Church
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