"Colorful" Portrait Unveiled

January 27, 2016

For the first time since its founding in 1628, a Black woman’s image, The Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, has been added to a wall of White men who have served as senior ministers of the Collegiate Churches of New York. The portrait was unveiled during the worship celebration on Sunday, January 24.

For more than 10 years, Jacqui has made history as a leader of Middle's vibrant congregation.

Middle member and portraitist Joachim Marx shared his inspiration: “Middle is a glimpse of what can be. I attribute this openness, this inclusiveness, this love that can be felt here, to Jacqui, to her leadership, to her faith. … That is what I hope I captured in the portrait: Love period.”

Elder Danita Branam offered a dedication: “In dedicating this portrait we pray that it summons and inspires, each of us and those that follow, to a passionate realization that God’s everlasting love, when manifested through our being and actions, transforms lives, communities, and value systems. We dedicate this portrait with hope that we and those of the future are imbued with Jacqui’s moral courage, drive, determination, commitment, energy, and readiness to disrupt, in order to bring into this world—for all—respect, peace, and Revolutionary Love.”

Watch the video at bit.ly/Portrait-Unveiled.

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