Construction FAQ

February 9, 2012

As you may have heard, the Collegiate Church has voted to move ahead with the renovations that will make our building at 50 East 7th Street a safe, accessible, and inviting place to do our ministries.

When and how did this come about?
Staff and Consistory have been working diligently for six years to develop a plan to update our facilities. It has been a tough job, and we wanted a clear “yes” from the Collegiate Consistory before we shared the news. In January 2012, funding was approved to begin updating all of our Collegiate Church buildings in the next two years.

What was the delay?
We share an endowment with four other Collegiate ministries. The Collegiate Consistory had to discern how best to invest money in our spaces while planning for the future.

What will be done?
The Collegiate Church is committed to having safe, accessible, and inviting facilities. An elevator, fire stairs, additional restrooms, updated meeting spaces and offices, and improved heating and cooling systems will help us do Vision 2015 and beyond.

When will construction begin?
We are not quite sure, but construction should start sometime in May or June, and will probably take nine months to complete.

What about the sanctuary?
The sanctuary will be untouched during the renovations. We will continue to use the sanctuary for Sunday worship and events during the week. An early plan included expanding the size of our sanctuary, but there is no funding for that to happen at this time. We hope our second worship on Sunday evenings will help to provide needed space for Middle people and new people.

Where will we do programming? Are we moving?
We will have some space next door, and will likely have some other office space in the neighborhood, too. We will continue to use the sanctuary for some of our programs. A staff member will be in the sanctuary on weekdays to greet and direct visitors. The choirs will continue to rehearse and perform as they do now. We will do social justice work with partners. Being and Doing groups will meet, perhaps next door or at our offices, perhaps as home groups. We will activate Middle community groups led by staff and lay leaders to keep us connected to one another.

Any other questions…
We are still in the planning stages and have much to learn. Staff members are meeting with architects and project managers every week. Plan to attend the congregational meeting on February 19, 2012 where we will share the latest updates. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can send them to

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