Faith in Action: Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis Arrested and Released

July 20, 2017

On July 18, senior minister Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis joined faith leaders from around the country in our nation's capitol. They sang, prayed and spoke out for a moral budget and health care for all people.

There was a press conference outside the capitol and then faith leaders made their way to Senator Mitch McConnell’s office. Dr. Jacqui Lewis and 15 other faith leaders participated in civil disobidence and were arrested and released on Tuesday. 

Religious Leaders Keep Getting Arrested in the Nation’s Capitol and it’s Glorious 
Auburn Seminary

RAW: Religious Leaders Protest Health Care Bill
USA Today

Video of Faith Leaders Statements outside of Sen. McConnell’s Office

Video of Faith Leaders Chanting


Email from Jacqui Lewis after the action

Photo credit on homepage: Macky Alston
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