Give the Gift of Love

December 19, 2017

Donate today to support love in action. Watch the video below to see the many ways your contribution powers this Revolutionary Love movement. Give by December 31 to ensure your year-end gift is tax-deductible for 2017. 

Donate today.

You Marched.
For Women.
Supported Immigrants.
For Revolutionary Love.
Celebrated Pride.
Lifted your voices and gave your money to Puerto Rico.
Spoke Out outside the Supreme Court.
Raised your children with our Muslims and Jewish siblings.
And you worshiped with diversity, singing music from Burgess to Bach.

Thank you.

Photos from Edna Benitez, Peter Calderon, Beatrice de Gea, Angela Dykshorn, Christina Fleming and Patrick Mulcahy. "Love is an Action" is written and sung by Tituss Burgess.

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