Holy Week 2016 at Middle Church

March 3, 2016

MARCH 20 – Palm Sunday Celebration! Worship • 11:15 am — Join us for our Palm Sunday worship, featuring multi-genre music from Broadway and gospel to pop and classical, plus a homily by Jacqui Lewis called "The March Continues." The Middle Church Choir, MCJJ Gospel Choir, and the Village Chorus for Children & Youth will perform.

MARCH 24 – Maundy Thursday Worship • 7:00 pm — Join Jim Kast-Keat and the MCJJ Gospel Choir for music and a Love Feast.

MARCH 25 – Good Friday Worship: Seven Lessons and Laments • 7:00 pm — Worship leading by Jacqui Lewis and homilies by Robert Stephens, Christina Fleming, Jim Kast-Keat, Argenys Taveras, Natalie Perkins, John Janka, and Adriene Thorne with music from the Middle Church Choir.

MARCH 26 – Holy Saturday Prayer • 7:00 am — The Sanctuary will remain open for prayer and reflection.

MARCH 27 – Easter Sunday Sunrise Worship • 7:00 am — A contemplative worship to begin the day with preacher Adriene Thorne and music from Jeremy Price and Mark Rehnstrom.

MARCH 27 – Easter Sunday Celebration! Worship • 9:30 am and 11:15 am*** — Jacqui Lewis preaches “What? He Lives in You!” with music from the Middle Church Choir and the MCJJ Gospel Choir.

***Hey Middle peeps! Come at 9:30 am on Easter to avoid crowds!

All children are welcome to our annual Easter Egg Hunts after each worship celebration.

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