Mission Trips Articles

  • November Newsletter October 30, 2013 Read about what's coming up at Middle Church in our November issue of Middle Notes.
  • July/August 2013 Newsletter July 2, 2013 Read about the Supreme Court rulings, the church year in review, and what's coming up this summer in our latest edition of Middle Notes.
  • April 2013 Available Now! April 5, 2013 Get the latest on what's going on at Midde Church -- news, events, and updates on our programs. Download your April edition of Middle Notes now.
  • March 2013 Newsletter Available Now! February 28, 2013 Find out what's happening at Middle Church for the final month of Lent, including Holy Week and Easter!
  • New Orleans in 2013 February 12, 2013 As our small team of missionaries prepare to go to NOLA to be the eyes and ears, hands and feet of Christ in the region, we send them with our blessings and our prayers. Here is news about NOLA to follow. Go team, with God's love.
  • February 2013 Newsletter Available Now! February 1, 2013 Download the latest edition of our monthly newsletter, Middle Notes.
  • January Newsletter Available Now! January 8, 2013 Get your copy of the January 2013 Edition of Middle Notes now!
  • November Middle Notes is here! November 13, 2012 Download your copy of the latest edition of the newsletter here!
  • January/February Newsletter January 1, 2012 Download a copy of Middle Notes for January/February, 2012.