Third Sunday Being Groups Start October 18th

October 6, 2015

Which Sunday Being Group will you take part in? Groups start October 18th and run from 1:15-2:30 PM. The groups continue meeting on November 15th and December 13th. See more info below:

Erasing Racism - Room 2-01

Middle's positive multiracial community can afford to go deeper and get real about erasing racism. What can faithful people do about the racial tensions just under the surface in our nation? Led by Jacqui Lewis, this group uses art and literature to spark this conversation.

Middle Business Network - Conference Room

Business professionals meet to discuss faith, ethics, and the corporate workplace. Members of the network support each other in their careers and spiritual journeys, and offer their professional skills in service to the Middle community.

Mothers & Spirituality - 2nd Floor Library

Deepen connection and grow spiritually by focusing on the parenting journey and its intersection with faith. Spend time each month with other mothers sharing your story, making connections, and growing in faith. Led by Adriene Thorne.

Praying Dangerously - 4th Floor Classroom

Participants discuss Regina Sara Ryan's poem, "Praying Dangerously," which invites readers to let go of their stereotypes about prayer and approach this spiritual practice with authenticity. Individuals have the opportunity to pray for one another and to be prayed over with partners. Led by Christina Fleming and Middle member Jennifer Wright Cook.

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