Our Outreach

In the past, our local outreach has included hosting homeless LGBTI youth in a partner program called New Alternatives; providing back-to-work clothing for those in transition; offering space for AA and Alanon to meet; and a Sunday Food Pantry that give much needed help to the poor. We currently partner with The Momentum Project that care for people living with HIV/AIDS to host a Monday night community dinner, as well as the Butterfly meal program, which provides lunches at local parks.

Our national outreach has included extensive commitment to the just rebuilding of the Gulf Coast; Middle sent a team there each year for a number of years. Currently, Middle is involved in fundraising and rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We celebrate the Heritage of Pride all year long, as we advocate for both marriage equality and civil rights for LGBTI persons. Each year we have a float in the PRIDE March.

We advocate for the rights of children, the poor, the disenfranchised and the homeless and send our clergy to speak and teach around the country in such places as Princeton Theological Seminary on television (GRITtv) and at the Children's Defense Fund's Haley Farm. We hold a national conference each year with our partner, The Middle Project, to support leaders who work to end racism in multiracial congregations.

International outreach includes work with HaitiCorps International, the Japan Society, and The Charles Decker Foundation, which works with Orfanato Niños de Cristo in the Dominican Republic. We also support the reconciling work of congregations in our Reformed Church family in South Africa, training leaders in United Ministries at The Uniting Reformed Church.

Since the fall of 2017, Middle Church and the Collegiate Church of NYC has been involved in on-going recovery efforts in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. Read all about the on-going relief efforts on the island on our Puerto Rico page.