What a year this has been! Fires, tsunamis, mass shootings, caged children on the border and a polarized and paralyzed government have ;horrified us. But we rose up! #WomensMarch, #PoorPeoplesCampaign, #RevolutionaryLove and #BorderCaravan were just someof our responses. Good people of moral courage have risen up all over the country -- a multifaith, multiracial, intergenerational movement for love and justice -- that seeks to create a #FreedomRoad for all of us. Because we understand that #LoveTransforms, we organized, and created a #WomensWave in hopes to balance the powers that govern us, so justice can reign on earth, right here and now! <

As I think about the year, and what you and I have done together, I am reminded that we:

Jacqui Lewis at #MeToo March in DC
#MeToo march at the Kavanaugh hearings in DC.
  • Marched for Pride, and committed to support trans people on their journeys

  • Taught our children to believe in the power of God's love and the power of their own activist voices

  • Became more multicultural/multiracial, AND more antiracist in our ethic

  • Danced, laughed, broke bread, prayed, shared stories, learned about God and each other in safe and brave spaces in Manhattan, in spaces around the nation, and in virtual spaces that helped us create community as we sought to heal the world 

  • Hosted partners like you -- artists, spiritual seekers, and activists/organizers working on prison reform, housing, education, economic justice, racial equality, LGBTQIA justice, gender equality, and environmental justice, in our building, a true community center.

We did this, inextricably connected in a web of humanity, caring for each other and for the planet. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WAYS YOU PARTNER WITH MIDDLE CHURCH!! Friends, these are hot-mess times and they demand leaders to step-up, stand-up and show-up in a movement that will heal us and our world.

Toward a bold new love,