January Antiracist Educational Programs

Middle believes that healing racism is an act of faith. And it cannot be relegated to a single day or month—antiracism must be ongoing, continual commitment to confronting the evil that plagues us. In January, we invite you to join two incredible programs that will help to deepen your understanding of racism, and better equip you to help eradicate it.

Caste: An Antiracism Teach-In

As part of our Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend celebration, Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Ph.D. and Anu Gupta will lead a conversation about Isabel Wilkerson's award-winning book Caste: The Origin of Our Discontents. In the book, she connects America's own caste system to racial hierarchies in India and Nazi Germany, and how its evil continues to corrupt our national life. Together, Jacqui and Anu will talk about how the book helps us better understand this political moment, and how we can begin to heal.

Tickets are $20, proceeds will support the Middle Project's antiracist and justice education work.

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Black Trans Lives Matter in the Text Too: Investing in a Black Liberation Theology

In this free four-part series, you will get to explore a Black Trans Liberation Theology through the lens of J Mase III, co-editor of the Black Trans Prayer Book. Part history lesson on the connections between white supremacy, colonization and transantagonism and part exegesis that centers the divinity of Black Trans people, this is a space rooted in liberation. Participants in this course can expect to: 1. Look at affirming scriptures in the Bible & Koran 2. Understand what it means to be invested in white supremacist theologies as well as the implications 3. Identify ways to divest from violent theologies 4. Begin understanding how to invest in Black Trans Liberation theologies.

Who is this for: Anyone invested in Liberation Theologies. Those seeking to dismantle white supremacy. Those interested in the relationship between racial justice and trans/non-binary identities.

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