Adult Education

We believe God is still speaking. Come and learn, in our culturally diverse and inclusive community lessons on God and life. Classes and small groups help us find ways to heal our souls and the world around us.

For more information, contact Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft at

BIBLE in the Middle

Explore scripture through the lens of Love. Period. Clergy and lay teachers create a safe space for asking the questions in our hearts, and seeking answers for a life of faith today.

Just Arts Café

At Middle Church, our faith is expressed in art and through our justice education and activism. On the third Wednesday of each month, we transform our space into a Just Arts Café, offering cutting edge programming at the intersection of justice and art that both heals the soul and heals the world. Join us for one or all of the events below.

Contact Reverend Jacqui if you'd like to participate or lead an event, and Reverend Amanda if you would like to receive more information about upcoming arts events.