Children, Youth & Family Programs

Children and Youth search for a spiritual identity all their own. At Middle Collegiate Church, we create a safe space where they can question, express, and explore their concerns about identity, responsibility, friendship, peer pressure, and how God fits into their lives.

At Middle Church, we know that we have a role in raising socially conscious, revolutionary lovers. We use Biblical narratives and other stories to teach values such as kindness, love, service, caring for others, generosity, living in community, and the importance of creating a just world. We use the arts extensively to enhance how children and youth learn, and we embody intersectional, progressive theology in all that we teach our young folks. And, more often than not, they end up teaching us quite a deal, too!

We provide both weekly, biweekly, and quarterly offerings for the entire family! Our offerings are hybrid. 

For questions, please email Elise Tiralli. You can also subscribe to our monthly Families newsletter and join our Facebook group where we post interactive videos and crafts.

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Sundays • 10:00 – 10:30 a.m. ET • Zoom

Kids Enrichment

Grades Pre-K through 5th

Children are invited to join our weekly Bible class that explores the intersections of faith, love, and justice in age-appropriate ways. For questions, please email Elise Tiralli.

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Middle Youth

Please reach out to Elise Tiralli if you’re interested in helping us build out our youth programming or if you’d like to be kept abreast of upcoming offerings

Sundays • 1:00 – 2:15 p.m. ET • Zoom

Village Chorus for Children and Youth

Ages 5+

The Village Chorus for Children and Youth explores a diverse repertoire from many cultures. Children learn the basic elements of vocal production, sing in various languages, and offer soul stirring music. There is no cost to participate but children should have a love for music, a strong desire to learn, and the ability to read. For questions, please email John Del Cueto .


Caregivers Circle

Parents & Caregivers

Conversations and community at the intersection of parenting, faith, and the belief that we can raise a just, liberated, and ethical generation. We provide quarterly opportunities for parents and caregivers to engage staff and each other. Contact,  Elise Tiralli.

Email Elise!


Do you yearn to not just belong, but be celebrated for exactly who you are? Do you want a community of folks committed to radical love and justice? Wherever you live, you can call Middle Church home.


This movement needs you! We need your time and talent, but we also need your resources. Make a contribution today and help us be midwives to love and justice.

December 5, 2020

A six-alarm fire spread from the building next door and destroyed our beautiful sanctuary. And yet, no fire can stop revolutionary love! Learn how we’re rising from the ashes and what you can do to help.

Find Your People!

Middle hosts small groups for everything from beginning ukulele lessons, Queer Black Men in the Middle or our Voting Reform team. And all of them have options to gather virtually! Join the groups that best fit your passion and the love you want to offer the world.

Liberative Learning

How do you change the world? First, you change yourself. Part of how we fulfill our commitment to God’s gospel of liberation is by training leaders with the skills you’ll need to bring freedom wherever you go. Thousands have participated in our digital courses. Will join them?

What We Believe

Middle is on a mission to reclaim and reframe Christianity—to realign our faith with Jesus’ teaching and take it back from the folks who have stolen it. We do this work joyfully, fueled by the Spirit, and strengthened by the community we create with one another.

Celebrate LOVE with Us!

Middle’s worship is a joyful, diverse celebration that gives a taste of what heaven feels like—an experience to soothe your soul and fill you with God’s liberatory fire! Every week is different, but what remains constant is how we tell the story of love through transformative art.

Do Justice

Faith comes alive when our love radiates outwards. At Middle, we’re committed to building an intersectional movement that both addresses the particular needs of different communities and unites us in common solidarity. This is God’s work, and we hope you’ll join us in it.