Connect & Grow

Middle Church is a sacred space in which people and communities become more of who they are called to be. In this Beloved Community, our dreams, fears, disappointments and hopes are held in trust so that we can be authentic and vulnerable. Care, connections, classes and conversations help us grow into our most whole selves, as we work to heal our souls and the world.

Justice Conference

Ending racism is a spiritual practice. We must seek to do this practice every day. Because we are people of faith.

Adult Education

We believe God is still speaking. Come and learn, in our culturally diverse and inclusive community lessons on God and life. Classes and small groups help us find ways to heal our souls and the world around us.

For more information, contact Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft at

Young Adult Development

You are a change agent. You looking for a place where others are gathered who, like Gandhi, seek to “be the change you want to see in this world.” You yearn for warm community, stunning worship, spiritual practices, and a way to walk the talk. And you need a community that is unafraid to embrace a God that sees every person as divine: gay, bi, trans, lesbian, straight, Black, Brown, Asian, and Latinx. Our young adults meet each month, and will welcome you into our loving, inter-generational community that loves God and the world through acts of justice.

Children and Youth Programs

Children and Youth search for a spiritual identity all their own. At Middle Collegiate Church, we create a safe space where they can question, express, and explore their concerns about identity, responsibility, friendship, peer pressure, and how God fits into their lives. We use Biblical narratives and other stories to teach values such as kindness, love, service, self-control, caring for others, generosity, living in community, and the importance of creating a just world. We use the arts extensively to enhance how children and youth learn.

Body and Soul Wellness

In our community we understand the benefits of rooting ourselves in spiritual practices like prayer, song, and movement. From singing spirituals in one of our choirs, to meditating or Taize in a small group, to praying with our feet in protests on the street, we seek to serve God with mind, body, and soul. Dance in worship or yoga during the week helps us keep it moving; we know fitness is a spiritual practice. Our annual retreat begins each new year with an intention for body and soul wellness. See our events calendar for upcoming opportunities for your body and soul.

Support Groups

Life’s transitions are better when we are together. From grief groups when we lose a loved one to support groups when we welcome a new baby to sharing job tips, our community is a web of connections. We also host many recovery groups.

Prayer and Pastoral Care


Our ministers meet with members as they grieve loved ones, face challenging questions, and navigate health challenges. Congregants can call our Care Line at 212.477.0666 x318, and a pastor, deacon, or one of our lay care team will return your call for prayer and support.

Beginning Monday, May 25th, you can also call 212-477-0666 x345 at any time to hear a prayer, scripture and reflection from a middle pastor. Offerings are updated each Monday at 8:30 a.m.

Volunteer and Serve

Our faith reminds us that we are inextricably bound together; our liberation is linked to each other. tied up together. We are the hands, feet, and heartbeat of God. We need your help! For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact Elise Tiralli at

Small Groups

With a church as large as Middle, small groups are the way to get plugged in. Our groups range in size, meeting structure and location, but all value deep connection and the desire to build, organize, and sustain ourselves as we work to bring about love and justice in the world.

Read below for an overview of our small group offerings, and contact Reverend Amanda if you’re wondering what small group might be best for you, to begin receiving information, or sign up for the group.