Middle COVID Guidelines

Love your neighbor as yourself. Each of the major world religions calls us to this lofty and difficult ethic. But, whew. So difficult to do. Loving ourselves is hard work in a culture that can be hostile to our gender, our race/ethnicity, our sexuality, our social location. And our neighbors can—frankly—be hard to love. Still, this is what it means to be faithful. This is how we live as a community awash in Just Love. A family in which we put the vulnerable and the marginalized in the CENTER of our vision. What do they need? What does love demand we do? That calling—the  reminder that how we treat the least of those around us is how we treat Jesus himself—this is the work. That vision is the boss of us. And, this is one of the hardest times to fully love each other. There are so many pressures, so many conflicting issues. But we are committed to do our best.

When we say “You are welcome just as you are as you come in the space,” we are thrilled there is more than one space. As we prepare for in-person, safe gatherings, we will continue to have a full and beautiful digital space for worship and programming as well! And in everything we do, we will be care-full, as in full of care and love for each other. Even when it’s hard. – Rev. Jacqui, Natalie & Ben

Middle Church is guided by the following COVID requirements for all in-person Middle Church events. At any time, these requirements could shift to remain compliant to city, state, Collegiate Church, CDC, and Middle Church COVID Task Force requirements and recommendations.

  • Middle staff and all worship participants and performers (singers, musicians, vendors, choir members, etc.) must be fully vaccinated according to CDC guidelines. CDC guidelines for full vaccination are 2 Pfizer OR 2 Moderna OR 1 Johnson & Johnson, in addition to a single booster shot. Middle Church requires Covid vaccination for all (age 5 and up).

Middle Church policies for in-person events:

Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times while indoors regardless of vaccination status by people aged 2 and older.

  • People who need to lead worship unmasked must provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within 36 hours prior to arrival at sanctuary.
  • We will seek to maintain appropriate distancing.
  • Outdoor events are come-at-your-own-risk and those in attendance attest—on their honor—to having no COVID-19 symptoms and a negative test.
  • All attendees should take the safety precautions that feel right for them before gathering in-person (for example, taking a rapid COVID test morning of worship; taking temperatures, etc.)

For more resources on getting the COVID vaccine, please visit this page.

If you are worried about the vaccine, please watch this conversation presenting facts about the vaccine with Dr. Meghan Kirksey and Rev. Darrell Hamilton: