Easter Sunday: Jesus Christ Superstar

On Easter Sunday, our Jesus Christ Superstar production was a contemporary re-telling of the last week of Jesus' life in ways that blew the minds off the 1,000 people who came. It's the Empire of Rome -vs-The Reign of God, and all kinds of drama is the result. Watch the Palm Sunday protest scene, Jesus' tortured Gethsemane, Judas' Heaven on Their Minds, and our Three Mary's! Donate here to support the space where music meets a call to justice.

The executive producer of worship at Middle Church is The Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis and the musical director of Jesus Christ Superstar is Dionne McClain-Freeney.


"Heaven on Their Minds"
Sophia Ramos as Judas


"What's the Buzz?"
Michael Quattrone as Jesus
Olive Demetrius as Mary 1
Village Chorus for Children and Youth


"Everything's Alright"
Aly Palmer as Mary 2
Michael Quattrone as Jesus
Sophia Ramos as Judas


Jonathan Lucas as Caiaphas
Michael Quattore as Jesus


"I Don't Know How to Love Him"
Riqi Velez as Mary 3


Michael Quattrone as Jesus


"You ARE the Christ"
Rev. Jacqui Lewis as Herod


Rod Rodgers Dance Company
Middle Church Choir