Economic Justice

At Middle Church we understand that economic justice, racial justice, and LGBTQIA+/gender justice are inextricably bound together. We are a proud partner in the Poor People's Campaign. We've partnered with key organizations to work for a living wage and paid family leave. In partnership with Momentum, before COVID we offered two hot meals on Mondays and a food pantry. We prepare and deliver brown bag lunches to the hungry in local parks on Sundays. We also offered nutritious food alongside Sunday worship, understanding that we are feeding souls and bodies. Our annual Children's Sabbath helps us to focus on issues affecting children, especially poverty. We supported the Occupy movement by feeding and housing protesters. We stand with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and Fight for 15 in demanding fair wages. And we understand that poverty and homelessness are systemic issues, not something charity can solve.

In this COVID moment, our circumstances have changed but God's call has not. Particularly right now, as government continues to abandon the most vulnerable in our midst, and nearly 40% of households are at risk of eviction, we know that God is calling us to do whatever we can to address financial need in our community. Because of this, we have created both a Deacon's Fund for small grants, and a $100,000 Cancel Rent/Cancel Mortgage Program to help people stay in their homes. Click here to learn more about those programs. We also created a $100,000 Black Lives Matter fund to fuel crucial antiracist organizing and education.

We follow Jesus' ministry, who both gave direct assistance to people who were suffering even as he took action to address that suffering at its source. His work was both individual and systemic, and ours must be too.