End Gun Violence

RAWtools joins Middle Church to beat guns into plowshares

Gun violence is an epidemic in our nation.  Every day 321 people and 22 children and teens aged 0-17 are shot in the United States. Of those, 111 people 5 children and teens die. Every day. (Brady Center, 2022)

At Middle we believe that Jesus weeps for the the loss of lives due to gun violence. Jesus weeps for the mental turmoil and anxiety caused by the fear penetrating our communities. Jesus weeps and so do we. And in our collective weeping, we must respond to the mourning.
We say NO MORE to the violence and corruption that is infecting our nation and robbing people of their lives. We are organizing and marching with March for Our Lives, partnering with RAWtools in art protest demonstrations and proclaiming that the time for gun control is NOW.
Here are active ways you can partner in ending gun violence now:
Want to learn more about the problem?
The Gun Violence Archive records and maps shootings across the country.
Listen to historian Carol Anderson describe the racist roots of the 2nd Amendment.

People to Follow
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Shannon Watts, the Founder of Moms Demand Action
Nelba Márquez-Greene, mother of Ana Grace who died at Sandy Hook, grief counselor and advocate
X González, Parkland Survivor and March for Our Lives Co-Founder
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