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Church isn't a building with four walls, it's the wondrous vibrant community that carries God's love wherever it's needed. Every week, we offer fabulous ways to connect in community, care and fun! And almost all our events have a virtual component, so wherever you live, you can call Middle home. Look through the calendar below and join whatever sparks joy!

November New Members Gathering | Nov 9, 2022

So you've joined the movement of love and justice. Now what? Meet a minister and others who have joined to get more information on what it means to be a member. If you haven't yet, please fill out our join form! This gives us the best way to be in touch with you, and also lets […]


Repenting & Repairing with Fierce Love

Regardless of the midterm election outcome, we have hard work ahead. The U.S. still refuses to acknowledge its myriad systemic harms—from foundational evils like enslavement and indigenous genocide to the widespread racism, antisemitism, transphobia and other bigotries that currently afflict our politics. We need to truly grapple with what it means to repent from these […]

Queer Black Men

Queer Black Men redefines the intersectionality of Black gay spirituality and experience. Our mission is to unconditionally love, affirm and support queer Black men through honest dialogue and thought-provoking content that creates and renews our commitment to ourselves and to our community. For more information, please email Queer Black Men at