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IN THEIR OWN KITCHEN is a mini-documentary series showcasing high profile immigrants living in New York, who make home-cooked meals to better connect with their home country and share their culture with others. Some are activists and politically-involved change makers, others are known in arts, culture, and industry. The series will be seen on both local television and social media.

Our first subject, Patricia Okoumou (of Statue of Liberty-climbing fame) is more than an outspoken immigrant activist and trailblazing freedom fighter, she has been a NYC resident for the better part of her adult life since 1995, and is a fitness trainer and home chef.

For this show, Patricia will make Saka-Saka, a childhood Congolese dish made from cassava leaves, chopped onions, garlic, sweet peppers and fish. She will also share her experiences as an immigrant coming to NYC, and most importantly, as a New Yorker and an American who has devoted her life to activism.

PATRICIA OKOUMOU is a full-time activist and former trainer. On July 4th, 2018 Patricia climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest the Trump Administration’s deliberate actions of family separation at the southern border, leaving countless children separated from their families and lingering in a political purgatory behind metal fences.

ANDREW J. CHOW is a three-time Emmy award-winning film and television director, producer, videographer and editor. A native Brooklynite with a passion for telling human stories, he's directed and produced sociological and immigrant-themed documentaries, narrative work and episodic programming. These themes can also be found in his work for local television, news magazines, lifestyle programs, commercials, PSAs and video installations. His work has been seen on PBS, BET, VH1, Food Network, WNBC and WNYE TV. When he isn't making television, he exhibits his work on London Weekend Television and at international art venues including the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art in Holland, the Knitting Factory and the Anthology Film Archives.

JOY LAU is a cartoonist, a recovering architect, and a producer and writer with In Their Own Kitchen. Her political cartoons have been published in American, European, and Asian news media. Her photonovela comic book series, Lonesome Cowgirl Comics, have been performed to music in France and Hong Kong. When she’s not focused on saving the world through political activism, she’s focused on saving the world through her ongoing cartoon series about cats undergoing existential crises at ReiandMaya.com.

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