Financial Assistance Programs

At Middle, we recognize that, particularly in this moment, it is insufficient to only address our members’ spiritual needs—we must meet material needs as well. Our government has betrayed its citizens by letting COVID-19 kill thousands and wreak economic havoc—but also by abdicating its responsibility to address the ensuing grievous harm. Unlike other countries who offered citizens generous financial compensation to weather this storm, our federal government passed only minimal aid and has now let even those meagre resources lapse. As a result, 30-40 million Americans are now at risk of eviction.

We know that we cannot meet all the dire need in our community, but we are committed to doing something and doing it well. That’s why, as part of our 2020-2021 budget, we dedicated $100,000 to Cancel Rent/Cancel Mortgage direct grants to help keep people in their homes. And it’s why we’ve created a Deacon’s fund to provide smaller grants to people in need of financial assistance. This is the work the Lord demands—for us to stand in the breach government has created until just governance can fix it.

If you need help right now, please know: You are not alone. This is not your fault. And please do not feel any shame in asking for what you need. We will only get through this crisis by sharing what we have because, together, we have enough. God wants you to lean on this community so that you and your family can weather this storm.

How to Request a Cancel Rent/Cancel Mortgage Grant

Email Karen Blacks.

How to Request a Deacon’s Fund Grant

Email Karen Blacks.

Please Donate If You Can

For those of us blessed with relative abundance in this time, part of our spiritual discernment must include how we can share our resources with folk who desperately need them. If you would like to support this ministry, please donate now in honor of “Cancel Rent/Cancel Mortgage.” If we are able to raise enough funds, we can expand what we are able to offer folks in need.