Middle Church & Middle Project Freedom Labs

November's election isn't just an opportunity to exercise our civic responsibility, it is a pivotal moment in our national story. Fighting fascism at the ballot box is a moral imperative. God demands we vote for love and justice, and do everything in our power to ensure our friends and families vote in overwhelming numbers. Lives depend on it!

To help you prepare, Middle Church and the Middle Project are offering two freedom labs this fall featuring expert testimony about exactly what is at stake in November, and what you can do. Click the titles to view full speaker information.

Democratic Participation & Voting in Troubled Times

September 17th | 7 pm to 8:30 pm ET  

This session will enable participants to better understand US history and why John Lewis said “the vote is almost sacred” and how lessons from Mississippi’s Freedom Summer are being used today in Movement for Black Lives, how are voters being disenfranchised and suppressed today and practical steps on what we can do about it, how to make a voting plan, volunteering to be poll workers, how can we ensure census is completed and help others to do. 

Speakers, performers, and voices include: 

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft, Executive Minister at Middle Collegiate Church

Genesis Be, artist and activist, with a newly released album titled People Not Things 

Latosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, a power building southern based civic engagement organization 

Paul Devlin, Hell's Kitchen Party District Leader, Middle Collegiate Church Voting Reform Team Member

Marlene Fox, Executive Minister at Middle Collegiate Church

Jorge Fontanez, Middle Collegiate Church Voting Reform Team Member, Census Volunteer 

Jo Ann Robinson, 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer volunteer, professor emeritus of Black history, Morgan State University

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Understanding the Battle for the Soul of the Nation

October 1st | 7:00 – 8:30 pm ET   

This session aims to understand different perspectives on what the soul of the nation means and what’s at stake in this election. Both parties are talking about the soul of the nation.  What does working towards a Beloved Community imply for partisan political strategy?  What is the relevant history and lessons for this time of heightened polarization?  What does our founding documents about ‘consent of the governed’ require for a representative democracy? Do you have a right to vote or must you earn the privilege to vote?  How different people understand and use language of morality and invoke God in politics?  How are Christians organizing politically? Why there are large numbers of people who don’t vote or participate in the democratic system, what works to engage alienated or apathetic potential voters and what can we all do?  

Speakers, performers, and voices include: 

Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft, Executive Minister at Middle Collegiate Church

Genesis Be, artist and activist, with a newly released album titled People Not Things 

Winter Breeanne, is a youth advocate, organizer, and founder of Power of Future Voters, an organization aimed to inspire elementary students about civic engagement.

Johanna Fernández, Professor of 20th century history & social movements, Baruch College

Anu Gupta, Mindfulness and unconscious bias expert, Founder and CEO of BE MORE 

Steven Hernandez, Middle Collegiate Church Young Adult Leadership Lab participant

Jacqui Lewis, Senior Pastor at Middle Collegiate Church

Dimitri Joseph Moïse, is an actor, award-winning editor, Diversity & Inclusion consultant, and national HIV spokesperson.

More speakers to be added soon.

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