Gender Justice Resources

At Middle, we are fervently committed to pursuing universal liberation. That means fighting for easy and free abortion access. It means standing with trans and gender expansive siblings against legislative assault on their humanity. It means promoting equal pay, ending workplace harassment, believing women always—not just when it’s convenient, and providing safe environments for kids to explore the genders God blessed them with.

Our commitment to universal liberation is why we join the women’s march, and shout “Me Too!” It’s why we host Black Trans Liberation Theology classes and salons centering trans/nonbinary voices. Put simply: It’s what Love demands. And it means doing all of this in the name of the one who created every person in Their image—whose voice rings with love as She pronounces them good.

Consult the list below for ways to deepen your gender justice education, and connect with others in this work.


What does the Bible say about Abortion?

Women of Color and the Struggle for Reproductive Justice

The Abortion Ministry of Dr. Willie Parker – Mississippi’s Pink House Abortion Clinic

When Birthwork and Warfare Mix: Black Birthworkers as Mediators Between Realms – Taylor Amari Little

Patriarchy Doesn’t “Protect” Women – Rachel Held Evans

When Black Lives Matter, Black Trans People Must Be Freed – Tiq Milan

Roe v Wade and the New Jane Crow: Reproductive Rights in the Age of Mass Incarceration

Black Trans Women are Solving the Epidemic of Violence, Support Us – Raquel Willis

Living Non-Binary: Taking A Leap Of Faith – Rev M Barclay

Coming Out as Transgender Taught Me a Big Lesson About Islamophobia – J Mase III

Rediscovering What Being a Transgender Woman Means to Me – Xoai Pham

See Us Clearly: A Buddhist’s View of Transgender Visbility – Ray Buckner

How to Be A Queer Person in the World Post Quarantine – Naveen Kumar

It’s Time For People to Stop Using the Social Construct of “Biological Sex” to Defend Their Transmisogyny – Mey Rude


After Tiller

Evolving Faith Ep. 18 The Wilderness, Spiritual Gifts, and Gender-Expansive Christians

Reproductive Justice and Pro-Choice via Black Feminist Rants

Redefining Realness: Barnard College’s Salon in Honor of Janet Mock


Freedom Road Podcast: It’s Time to Talk about Abortion and Reproductive Justice

Good Ancestor Podcast

Muslims for Progressive Values

Crooked Media: The Sanctity of Abortion

Queer Faith

What Coming Out as Trans Taught Me About Islamophobia – J Mase III TED Talk


The Audre Lorde Project

Parity NYC

Anti-Violence Project

Room for All


SisterSong WOC

Reclaim Pride Coalition

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health 

St Luke in the Fields Drop-In

New Alternatives for LGBT Homeless Youth

Women in Need

Girls for Gender Equity




Red Canary Song

Womanist Working Collective