Immigration Justice Resources

In her seminal work Borderlands Gloria Anzaldúa describes the border as una herida abierta—an open wound. And indeed, for decades our political leadership—of both parties—has let this wound fester. Our ministers have traveled to U.S. Mexico border, and have witnessed firsthand the trauma and suffering our policies create in Tijuana refugee camps. And we proclaim our faith in a brown, Palestinian refugee baby whose parents sought asylum in Egypt. We tell the story of Moses, who began life as an unaccompanied minor. And our faith convicts and compels us to act until every stranger is welcomed with love.

No human being is illegal. Period. Our borders and immigration laws are violence. Far from making our communities safer—they tear them apart. So we organize with groups like New Sanctuary NYC to abolish ICE, and free our neighbors from their terror. We hope you’ll join us.

Here are some resources you can use to get started:

Know Your Rights!

Please use the following resources to equip yourself as ICE raids plague our city and country. If you or someone you know feels threatened or under attack, please reach out to Middle Pastors Jacqui or Amanda at, or by calling the pastoral care line: 212-477-0666 ext 318.

Resources for Friends/Non-Citizens

Resources for Citizens

Resources for Locating Sanctuary Houses of Worship


#FamiliesBelongTogether: They Are the Body of God – Jacqui Lewis
The Republican Party’s Immigration and Refugee Policies Defy the Bible – Benjamin Perry
Welcome Strangers Is An Act of Faith – Menachem Wecker
My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant – Jose Antonio Vargas
A Mother’s Hug – Jorge Ramos
Art Without Borders
Touching the Wound – Benjamin Perry

Find a Protest

Never Again Action

Organizations to Support/Get Involved

New Sanctuary Coalition
Al Otro Lado
Define American