Movements are Messy

Movements are messy, but we have to move!
Toward justice, toward freedom, toward wholeness and health care.
Toward women's rights, toward planet care, toward obliterating white supremacy.

Movements are messy.
We don't agree on who God is, or what God wants.
We don't agree on strategies and tactics.
We don't love the same people in the same way.
We each have some stuff to confess and some stuff to forgive.

Movements are messy, they always have been.
Yet, when we stumble through the mess, when we stay together even when it is hard,
when we hold each others' pain, and say, "Where does it hurt?"

Women's Suffrage
The Voting Rights Act
Stonewall and Marriage Equality
Transgender women elected to office
An Intersectional Movement of Women, millions strong, making waves

Movements are messy. We are messy.

And yet we move.


—Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis