Justice Conference

Ending racism is a spiritual practice. We must seek to do this practice every day. Because we are people of faith.

We are Eager. Anxious. Determined.
Hopeful. Defiant. Wary. Persevering.
To make Revolutionary Love a tool for dismantling racism.
We gather to make connections and build coalitions that will name racism and put our nation on a course toward healing.

Join us as we learn from sheroes, scholars and organizers: Kelly Brown Douglas, Tracy Blackman, Marianne Williamson, Wajahat Ali, Gary Dorrien, Ruby Sales, Shane Claiborne, Zainab Salbi, Miguel De La Torre, Jacqui Lewis, and John Janka.

Join us April 15-18, 2021 for Revolutionary Love: The Courage to Imagine.

justice conference image