Dance and Drama

We believe art drops us into the space where we understand God's Reign with all of our senses.

We dance on the pews. Whether it’s a flash mob to Pharrell’s Happy, our gospel choir rocking to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, or a family of four dancing to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror, dance is where we meet the God-in-motion. Middle members and choreographers Tadej Brdnik, Mark Dendy, Kim Greer, and Ishmael Houston-Jones share their talent and their passion for dance here. Professional dancers and those who just love to move bring this art form to our space.

And, during COVID, we've continued to move in celebration, even when we can't move in the same physical space. Choreographer Matthew Johnson Harris has led virtual dance parties that help you joyfully move your body, wherever you are.

Drama brings the greatest story ever told to life. From interpreting scripture to excerpts from Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell, drama helps us rehearse the Reign of God on earth. Poetry slams, monologues, and skits help us feel the Word made flesh among us. Puppets punctuate worship with both humor and deep reflection. Visual art also helps us to amplify worship. Our writers, actors, and artists collaborate with our music team and preachers to make worship art.